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YouTube Culture
& Trends

Graphic Design
Bespoke Motion Graphics | Video Direction

The YouTube Advertising team approached us with the goal of helping support decision-makers in understanding how audiences' consumer journeys are changing in a fragmented digital landscape.

YouTube Culture & Trends | Creator Feature - Yuka Kinoshita

We delivered a video-first approach in a journalistic - docu style structure. To strengthen YouTube as an essential marketing plan for practitioners we captured key insights through motion, b-roll, articles and footage from approved YouTube Channels to deliver the story.

YouTube Culture & Trends | Animation - A quiet revolution
YouTube Culture & Trends | Animation - Collage Animation

By directing and producing a video essay with a data-driven narrative and supporting YouTube-centric visual language the message 'YouTube is indispensable to decision-makers' marketing plans' lands squarely with the audience and empowers them to take the next step with YouTube.

YouTube Culture & Trends | Graphics - Article Treatment
YouTube Culture & Trends | Animation - Transition - Video to Collage 1
YouTube Culture & Trends | Animation - Transition - Video to Collage 2
YouTube Culture & Trends | Graphics - UI Overlays on Footage
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