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YouTube Unboxed Connect

Video Edit | Motion Graphics | Branding


The Brand

We began with a unique event identity that gelled with the YouTube global brand but allowed the YouTube: Unboxed look and feel to be special.


Key elements such as an abstracted frame, the classic YouTube play button & 3D neon bars formed the basis of our creative & style guide.

YouTube Unboxed Connect was a reimagined approach to the immersive Unboxed experience, using fluid motion graphics alongside the breadth and depth of YouTube's video content to create a show that could be tailored per audience via intimate sessions, empowering guests with YouTube's strength and fostering discussion for businesses.

Evolved produced a unique creative and rollout for the event, assisted with remote video shoots during the height of the pandemic in Australia, and executed a diverse motion graphics workflow that treated each content piece with it's own independent look but housed within the overall brand.




The Edit

Our editors and motion graphic designers created a 3D universe to house and hero content. This space allowed us to work with the narrative flow and dive between graphics, YouTube creator content and footage of presenters in an engaging way. Check out this sizzle to see some of the highlights.

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