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Decoding Decisions 

Google APAC
& Production | Graphic Design
Bespoke Motion Graphics | Video Direction

The Google Ads team approached us with two goals, to bolster advertisers' enthusiasm for Search and to demonstrate how consumers are really using Search.

To do this we delivered an authentic story from trusted sources by making a short documentary style film. By covering Search's performance featuring VP level Googlers, experts, media planners, and advertisers throughout INSEA it provided valuable case studies and insights to change marketers perceptions of Search.

Decoding Decisions | On Set
Decoding Decisions | Motion Transition
Decoding Decisions | Malcolm Gladwell

The film engaged viewers with custom-built motion graphics, a welcome video for each region, seamlessly transitioning from piece-to-camera footage to B-roll and animated rotoscoped moments to maintain focus on the presenter while enhancing their points.

Decoding Decisions | Fox Animation
Decoding Decisions | Wall of Video Content
Decoding Decisions | Graphic Overlays
Decoding Decisions | Malcolm Video Edit

Thousands of people viewed the films within the first week and there was a flood of positive audience engagement and comments.

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