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Cloud on Air

Video Edit | Motion Graphics | Branding

We worked with the Google Cloud AUNZ team to deliver their second Cloud on Air event for 2021, using a unique event identity and branding system

Combining pre-recorded at home shoots with a live MC in the Google Sydney office, the online event provided an authentic ‘real-time’ experience for the viewers.

Viewers were also able to select from 1 of 3 breakout streams mid show, to view what was most important to them.


The Brand

When creating the identity for this show, we had a strong focus on bringing to life 3D elements. This was an opportunity to push the envelope and develop a brand that felt fresh and innovative.

Cloud OnAir Styleguide mockup.png



The Motion

Pushing this identity even further was made possible through the use of motion graphics.

We were able to bring even more life to the presenter's content by producing engaging motion graphics to accompany them, along with sizzle reels and stings throughout the show.

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